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Contra Mestre Fabricio

When Contra Mestre Fabricio was only 11 years old he began his journey through the world of capoeira.  Inspired by his older cousin's enthusiasm for capoeira he went the Goias Sports Club in Goiania, Brazil.  He signed up to train capoeira with Professor Gueirreira under the group Candeias. His professor moved to Sau Paulo and from there he began training directly below the tutelage of Mestre Suino in 1999. At the age of 15 Mestre Suino asked Fabricio to be his assistant in the public and Private schools to work with all different levels and age groups as an accredited program for the city's schools. By age 17 Fabricio received his "monitor" chord (for the system of Candeias this is the first cord where you are no longer just a student and are recognized as a graduado). In 2005 he moved to the United States and shortly after began teaching in Pompano Beach Florida.  His most recent move has brought to Redmond, WA where is continuing his career in the art of capoeira by teaching.

In July 2023 Fabricio travelled home to Brazil to compete at the World Candeias Open, PLACING 1st!  At the same event, Fabricio was promoted to the rank of Contra Mestre after 26 years of non-stop training.


has the ability to teach all ages and skill levels. We welcome beginners and love to have a new capoeirista in class.

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